Ogden's Oldest and Finest

Technical Difficulties!

by Church

Hello there! Welcome to our old website!

I screwed up real bad and broke the website. I really Cronenberged it this time, you guys.

So, while working on the fancy new site, I found a backup of this gem. Please enjoy 2014's Oldest and Finest Website while we dial in the new one. Thanks for stopping by!

- Church

As ancient as time, as modern as tomorrow!

by Church

Here we go! Welcome to the new site! In general, it should behave very much like a website. And oh, what a website it is!

There's still a fair amount of unfinished business that I will be dialing in over the next couple weeks, so you may happen across something totally broken. If you do, feel free to E-Mail me or ignore it. And check back soon for more videos, pictures, and stories both appropriate and otherwise!

Thanks for being the best clients ever!

The HDT Crew is hitting the road!

by Church

March 14th to March 16th, 2014

We are stoked to announce that we will once again be holding it down at the 11th Annual SLC Tattoo Convention. We had such a great time last year! This year, we're bringing double the wreck:

Brandon Lewis
Scott Richardson
Danny Warner of Classic Tattoo
Mischa Matulich of Classic Tattoo

April 30th to May 3rd, 2014

Furthermore, we will be rolling down to sunny Garden Grove, California for the 34th Annual National Tattoo Convention this April. We will have some more information about this adventure in the coming weeks, but I can tell you now that we are very excited. You should come hang out.

Brandon Lewis
Scott Richardson

NEW OLD appointment system! (It's SO easy.)

by Church

We want to thank everyone who experimented with the new appointment system. It was really cool to take a break from being booked out six months out at a time, and to look at some other ways we could run the show. There were some things we really enjoyed about this system. There were some things that were confusing and frustrating.

We listened. As of right now, you can come down to the shop any time and set up an appointment with anyone you want. You will still need to be at least 18 years old. You will still need a $60 deposit (that goes towards the cost of the tattoo.)

Thanks again to everyone who was willing to ride that roller coaster with us. We learned a lot along the way and I expect that things will only get smoother.

(and the other strong, silent HDT dudes.)

Magic Tricks and Boyish Grins

by Church

Hey everybody! We made it home safe and sound (and dehydrated) from the SLC Tattoo Convention.

I don't know about everyone else, but we saw some great stuff! We saw the first ever screening of Tattoo Nation at Brewvies thanks to Shanghai Kate!

We rocked our little booth and saw lots and lots of our awesome friends.

Oh yeah. And Scott got interviewed for the Standard Examiner!
Front page, suckas!

But seriously. Thank you so much to everyone that came out to support us, our friends, and all the other local and traveling tattooers. All this stuff is only what we make it, and you guys make it awesome. Cheers!

Uncle Churchie's fun fact: There's no such thing as a tattoo gun!